FAQsCommon questions about Matrixyl® answered by our experts

About Matrixyl®

Matrixyl® is the name of the first anti-wrinkle peptide-based active ingredient from Sederma. It is part of Matrixyl® Inside, a full range of anti-ageing ingredients, found in many well-known anti-ageing products around the world.

All the products from the Matrixyl® Inside range, including Matrixyl®, have been created by Sederma, a French cosmetic active ingredient manufacturer based near Paris. Matrixyl® products are available globally through the Croda network.

Inspired by natural processes of skin regeneration, Matrixyl® ingredients are exact replicas of skin cell messengers (Matrikines®) that provide a biomimetic and holistic solution to reduce signs of ageing like wrinkles.
When a Matrikine® peptide is recognised by a cell membrane receptor and binds to the receptor, it triggers intracellular action that:
- Promotes tissue repair
- Participates in wound healing
- Stimulates macromolecule synthesis

These are all natural actions that relate to anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle capabilities.

Matrixyl® products comply with all toxicological evaluations and their sequences are perfectly identified. It’s also been proved to be more stable than Retinol and Vitamin C.

Over 1,500* products across the globe trust Matrixyl® in their skin care formulas. Look for the Matrixyl® Inside logo on their packaging, you can be sure there’s a genuine Matrixyl® ingredient inside. It’s your guarantee of quality from us.


Peptides are small linear chains of amino acids, naturally present in the body. Some very select endogenous peptides are involved in cell metabolism as upstream regulating messengers. This means a select few peptides, with very specific amino acid sequences, can ‘control’ one or more protein production pathway.

It works like a key and a keyhole: specific peptide sequences trigger specific protein production and when it comes to skin proteins like collagen or elastin, the cosmetic interest becomes clear.

Matrikines® are peptides, derived from the surrounding extracellular matrix. These particular peptides act like messengers to other cells, that start the repair process within the tissue matrix, hence the name.

When a Matrikine® peptide is recognised by a cell membrane receptor and binds to that receptor, it triggers intracellular action that:
- Promotes tissue repair
- Helps with wound healing
- Stimulates macromolecule synthesis

Tests to compare the action of Matrixyl® versus Retinol have been conducted and the results showed a similar activity by the two molecules. Retinol is a well-known molecule in anti-ageing treatments. But, lack of stability means the Retinol molecule can degrade rapidly, reducing its effectiveness. The advantage of Matrixyl® is the stability and bioavailability of its active peptide molecules.

Skin care

Many products feature Matrixyl® ingredients: night creams, day creams, masks and serums. The minimum requirement is to use it once a day but your specific product will also have instructions on how best to use it.

There is a Matrixyl® ingredient for every age. From the first signs of minor wrinkles to deep wrinkles and sun damage, there is a Matrixyl® product designed to help.
Matrixyl® Morphomics® corrects the deep vertical wrinkles that give a sad look to the face.
Matrixyl 3000® repairs chronological ageing and photo-ageing damage.
Matrixyl® synthe'6® prevents and fights against the first signs of ageing.
Matrixyl® prevents and repairs deep and medium wrinkles.

Yes, all the Matrixyl® products have been toxicologically tested, including around the eye area, and are suitable for this use. Some clinical studies have demonstrated their efficacy to counteract eye contour signs of ageing.

None of the Matrixyl® ingredients have been tested for scar treatments. However, they stimulate the wound healing pathway. Sederma also offers dedicated solutions for acne scars.

None of the Matrixyl® ingredients have been tested for dark circle reduction. However Sederma offers eye contour active ingredients designed to fade dark circles and puffiness.

Look for Matrixyl® Inside

Matrixyl® is proven to be effective and reliable in fighting the signs of ageing. Look out for our logo on packaging and be confident you’re benefiting from our genuine anti-ageing ingredients.