The Matrixyl Inside® logo

We can assert without any false sense of modesty that the Matrixyl® brand is known worldwide, its name being synonymous with “efficacy" and “reliability” in fighting ageing signs. It is one of the rare ingredient name that is known from the end-users and which benefit from their recognition.

So what about using this renown and make it clearly appear on the end-product that it contains an ingredient from the Matrixyl® range? Isn’t it a logic and easy way to gain consumer's confidence? And if this is successfully done, you can make sure that the customer will choose the product which, according to him, is based on the leading anti-ageing technology.

In order to correctly communicate the presence of a Matrixyl® ingredient, Sederma has designed for you Matrixyl Inside® logo to be displayed on the end-product packaging.

Should you be using an ingredient from the Matrixyl® range (at the producer recommended concentration) don’t hesitate and benefit from this cutting–edge ingredient branding advantage. It would definitely create a new "pull" for your anti-ageing products. Contact us for more information.